Opana Addiction Withdrawal

Withdrawal from addiction to opioids can be a challenging experience that may prompt some addicted users to continue taking the medication. A professionally supervised detox, however, can help users to overcome Opana addiction and experience full recovery in an effective, safe and comfortable way. Regardless of whether Opana has been prescribed by a doctor or obtained illegally, regular use of this medication can result in dependency and tolerance, and potentially, addiction. Anyone experiencing difficulty in stopping use of the medication should consider contacting a treatment center to learn about professional detox programs.

Opana or oxymorphone is a strong opiate prescribed for the prevention or treatment of moderate or severe pain. Dependency and tolerance results from regular intake of this medication, implying that the effects of the drug begin to fade. Additional doses are necessary in order for the user to experience the relief or, in the case of abusers, the ‘high’ they first experienced. Because dependency and tolerance arise gradually, people who develop Opana addiction often cannot explain how the condition came about.

Opana Addiction Withdrawal

Opana addiction can result in severe mental and physical cravings, escalated use, sensations of hopelessness, and other harmful effects. A physical Opana addiction can be confirmed when withdrawal symptoms develop arise after abrupt termination of the drug. Note that abruptly stopping use of Opana can be dangerous.

Withdrawal symptoms can crop up within a few hours after taking the final dose. However, it should be clear that not every Opana addict experiences such symptoms in the same manner. For a number of addicts, the symptoms are fairly mild. But chronic users or long-term addicts can face excruciating physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. Because symptoms vary, it is important that the detox program selected takes into account the needs of each individual patient.

Opana Abuse Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Trembling
  • Constipation

Opana addiction treatment involves detoxifying the patient’s body of the drug. Certain withdrawal symptoms related to Opana addiction can be deadly if the process is not managed appropriately with professional detox. There are a number of treatment methods for individuals who are keen on quitting or withdrawing from taking opiate medications.

Find a reputable Opana addiction treatment center in your region if you or someone you know wants to stop Opana use or abuse.

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