Opana is a narcotic prescription pain reliever, also referred to as oxymorphone. It contains potent ingredients used in ....


Opana, also called oxymorphone, is comparable to morphine in the way it works but is almost eight times more powerful than m....

What Is Opana?

Opana belongs to a class of drugs referred to as narcotic pain relievers. It has properties that can be compared to those of ....

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Addiction to prescription drugs is a growing concern in today’s society. This has mainly been attributed to the ease of access of prescription drugs like Opana.

Opana is the other name for oxymorphone, an effective drug applied in the management of severe or moderate pain. When it is abused for a continued length of time, dependency arises due to its strong addictive properties. Addicts abuse Opana through a range of methods including injecting it when crushed and dissolved in water, snorting it when crushed and swallowing the tablets. Young people, in particular, may be inclined to ignore the labeling of prescription pain relievers and continue taking medication in stronger or higher quantities than recommended with the intention of experiencing a ‘high’.

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Opana Addiction dot net, welcomes you to our website, where will be concentrating on addiction to drugs, and more specifically addiction to the drug Opana which is supposed to be used to treat pain. If you or anyone you know or love is struggling with Opana Use, Abuse and Addiction, it’s important that you get yourself educated on this topic to either help prevent addiction, or help get someone out of an addiction. Look for more information coming shortly on Opana Addiction and more.